Swales bit

Swales bit

Description: Swales bit:

This bit is also called a Pluko bit. This bit has the effect of a weymouth and bradoon, but is less complex. It can be used with two reins, one rein to the normal ring for a soft twist and the other rein on the lower ring for the effect of the straight mouthpiece. It is also possible to connect one rein with a ‘bridge’, a connection strap between two bit rings.  A Swales bit is used in combination with a curb chain and is only used with strong horses.

Because of the leverage effect (Weymouth and bradoon effect) it’s easy to get the horse rounder in the neck. This asks for a soft rider hand. 

The 3-in-1-pelham is not suitable for unexperienced riders or horses, because it can be very sharp.

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